Semalt Advice On How To Reach Your Target Audience On Social Media

The chances are that everyone who comes across this post will be on at least one social media platform. However, these different social media platforms aren't the same, and you can't have one message and hope it will do justice for all the different social media platforms. Each platform demands a unique approach. In this article, we will be showing you our practice on how we create messages for different social media platforms to guarantee effective results. 

Today, there are about 3.8 billion active social media users. This makes it a fact that Social media is one of the biggest platforms to market a brand. But even with such a bold statement, there are still many businesses that aren't succeeding on social media. That is because they treat all social media platforms as a single channel. 

Social media is made up of several individual platforms with different audiences. Each audience has its desires, habits, and even goals, which makes it practically impossible for a successful post on Facebook to be successful on Linkedln.

To succeed in social media marketing, we first had to gain a deep understanding of each platform and its audiences before we are able to craft a unique message that speaks to them. 

Understanding the type of audience in each social media platform

Before modern developments in tech, many of us used Facebook as our primary social media platform. We relied on it to keep up with our friends. Gradually we saw other social media platforms pop up. In fact, they are so many these days that platforms are now becoming more specific in their function. We have platforms for pictures and images, or LinkedIn when you need a job. Here, we will explain how each social media platform is unique.

1. Facebook 

With over 2.7 billion users, Facebook rests at the top as the largest social media platform. But if we look way back to when it was only a one team company, it was this tiny site built with the significantly small goal of connecting Harvard's alumni and students. This shows clearly that the primary purpose of Facebook was to form meaningful connections with people. To confirm this, Facebook's №1 mission is to bring the world closer together. 

Another statistic that proves that Facebook is a connecting platform is that 88% of Facebook users use the platform to stay in contact with their family and friends. So how can we help our clients reach Facebook users?

We focus on establishing connections.

There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective strategies is to build a living, active community of similar thinkers. 

If you have a Facebook account, you can find basically any group of people by just using the keywords in the Group Search section of the platform. You will come across thousands of groups depending on what you're looking for. 

Having or creating your group is a powerful way to build your Facebook authority and grow your reach. But if you do not wish to have a Facebook group, you should bear in mind that each branded post you make on Facebook doesn't have any spammy sales language. Speak to your Ideal client like your friends or family. Our posts are designed to help your target audience connect with them. Our objective is to build a relationship with them. 

By following this rule, reduce or stop Facebook users from disliking your wall or posts when they visit the platform to connect with their friends and family. 

2. Instagram

Many customers want to see a clear and vivid image of what they are getting before they buy it. Fortunately for marketers, one of the best places to showcase beautiful images and videos is Instagram. In fact, Instagram is a platform built to allow users to share amazing digital photos. 

Instagram currently has over a billion monthly active users, which makes it another hub of many potential customers. 

Marketing on Instagram rests solely on creating unique, attention-grabbing photos. On Instagram, you let your pictures and videos speak with only a few words. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another social media that clearly shows that different social media platforms are for different audience types. As a kid, for example, you probably didn't bother creating a Linkedln account; however, as soon as you were ready to showcase your skills, I can bet that you created a profile to attract clients. 

LinkedIn, unlike many other social media platforms, is designed to create business connections. It's like a huge virtual conference packed with entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, and influencers from various industries across the globe. 
Because of its business-like nature, it is smaller than the other social media platforms, with just about 722 million users. But its small size isn't completely a disadvantage. Because of its nature, we know that we are likely to come across a good number of investors or buyers. 

If you're on Linkedln, you should have seen a couple of adorable cat videos. But marketing goes beyond that. We take a look at the nature of the connection you have. What are they looking for? A good number of your connection will be searching for business ideas, people to hire, networking, and outsourcing options. 

By creating helpful and authoritative content that meets their needs, we make it easier to not only get noticed but become an authority on Linkedln. 

4. Twitter 

Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to gain stardom and build a community. Its algorithm makes it so easy for posts to appear on the screens of thousands even when they do not follow you. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the shorter the message, the better. In fact, Twitter has a limit on the number of characters you can use on a tweet. 

The best posts on Twitter are usually short, meaningful, and memorable. 

We can reach people on Twitter by:

Creating posts with a personality. With limited space to get your message out there, we ensure we use every word wisely. 

Prompt delivery of time-sensitive news. The sooner we post important news, the more attention we draw to your brand. 

Ask questions. People love using Twitter as a medium to tell their stories and opinions because Twitter is about sharing. Users are happy to like, retweet and comment if your tweet asks the right questions. 

5. Youtube

Quick question, where do you go when you want to learn how to make moist chocolate cake? Or how to play a new instrument? Many of us go to YouTube. And by many, we are referring to over 2 billion users. Here is the thing, Youtube makes learning interesting. But it doesn't stop at that. YoUTube is packed with a lot of other entertaining videos to help make sure there is no boring moment in our lives. We call it Infotainment. You are getting information while being entertained. 

How can we reach your target audience on YouTube?

It's all about videos. We create videos that are helpful and show your worth. But most of all, these videos must be entertaining and keep the viewers locked in. People already have school if they are looking for a boring way to learn. They come to YouTube because they want something different. Users come to Youtube to laugh, cry and have heartfelt experiences while learning. 

6. Pinterest 

Do you ever want to renovate your room, but you have no idea how it's done? What paint to use, what color of the furniture will make the room pop? Or what type and color of rug to get. If you've ever been in this shoe, Pinterest must have provided some form of guidance. 

The beauty of Pinterest is the inspiration it gives its viewers. Are you looking for anything creative, with designs and colors, then Pinterest would be like heaven to you. Pinterest is so great that it has over 322 million users who come to it to find a reason to smile and be inspired. 

So how do we get people to engage your brand on Pinterest? 

Pinterest is largely a visual platform, so we capitalize on that and create quality videos and photos. We go beyond creating great visuals to creating inspirational ones. We show them what they want to do and how you can help them do it well. 


With all these options at your disposal, it's natural for you to be confused about which option is best for you. Some of you might even be considering using all of the platforms listed above. You do not have to plan for 30 different posts and end up staying awake till 3 am trying to ensure everything is in place. 

Instead, you can pick one social media platform and focus all your attention to ensure you succeed in it. You should also pick a social media platform that works for hand in hand with your business objectives. Like we always say, we are your best bet in getting things right. With our knowledge, tools, and workforce, Semalt can give you 100% on multiple social media platforms ensuring that you get full coverage. 


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